Blueberry, Lime and Vodka Sorbet

I love sharing what I love and I simply love everything about this. Enjoy!

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Blueberry, lime and vodka sorbet

blueberry, lime & vodka sorbet  blueberry, lime  vodka sorbet ©

I find myself with some rather dashing blueberries, a bowl of ‘sorry for themselves’ limes with amour plating instead of fresh zesty skins. My mind fritters back to a bygone age (last summer) when both were rich in taste and texture not to mention plentiful. The robes of the perfect, dainty little purply grey orbs have a luxurious heir of regal purple velvet. Their flavour is that of reassuring wholesomeness but likely they were tired from being flown around the globe a few times before arriving in my kitchen. They were pleasantly perky enough in texture and their antioxidant pigment could prove to be a salve for the self-scorn of many, caused by recent over indulgence.

blueberry, lime  vodka sorbet ©  blueberry, lime & vodka sorbet

A swift and sexy, little sorbet therefore comes to mind. No cooking, no cream, eggs or sugar for that matter.  No point some may say? I couldn’t possibly…

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