A fluffy pile of bed PILLOWS

Ok. So it’s that time of year, right… New Year – New You…

If your resolutions include cleaning, organizing and a clean and healthy home, you may just love this home tip.

Pillows, namely bed pillows, are making me and my spring cleaning fever that is going on, so very happy.

I’m looking at a tall pile of fresh clean pillows ready for fresh clean pillow cases ready to be put on fresh clean beds and bedding. Ahhhhh!

The first errand I was going to run today was to replace bed pillows. It’s a yearly or bi-yearly quest of out with the old – in with the new. After all, they are used daily, 8+ hours a day. For sleeping, lounging, propping….

No shopping necessary after reading this: http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2013/02/how-to-wash-whiten-yellowed-pillows.html

I didn’t use the multi-ingredient soap concoction. I checked each pillow’s care tag before washing. I washed one pillow at a time and did not flip them. I simply used my favorite laundry detergent and let the washer’s agitator do the work. The results are fantastic.

A fluffy pile of bed pillows.

On to the next home project…



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