A blessed Sunday MESS

My Sunday morning has been a real blessed mess.

My full schedule, the one I rested my full-of-cortisone-shots feet for, has been perfectly interrupted by the beginnings of a migraine, missing church, the washing of an 85 pound dog that rolled in foul muck.

Why is it a “blessed” mess?


The beginnings of a migraine were just that. Beginnings. I am blessed with peppermint and Valor blend essential oils, and also Imitrex to squelch a migraine at the start. I am also feeling blessed because I woke up early with it and could lay down a bit before starting the day.

Missing church. We are starting a new series today, and it’s the holiday season so it is especially important to me to be there. The mess of a morning prevented that, but the blessing comes by knowing that I can see the recording of the service.

The dog. Most all of the 85ish pounds of him. Rolled. In. Foul. Muck. So gross that I promptly and hopefully gracefully got sick. And said a quick prayer of Lord, help me.

Sincerely. Lord, help me.

What a mess.

A mess blessed by my compassionate heart for this sweet big lug of a rescue. A mess blessed by putting Purification blend oil down his back, into my diffuser, and a swipe under my nose to block the smell. I’m grateful for my fenced yard and rubber gloves and good dog soap. I’m grateful for hot water and the gift of a sunny warm day in December to scrub him down outside. I will scrub him down again after he rests.


I’m grateful for newly refined patience and yet another opportunity to put it to use.


A mess, yes, but a blessed mess.

I am blessed. Grateful. Helped. Loved.



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