‘Tis the season oyster CRACKERS

Yummmmm! Seriously. Yum. I love seasoned oyster crackers. Don’t you?

I call them ‘Tis the Season Crackers because I make them from Halloween to New Year’s Eve and then tuck the recipe away so that it stays special.

There are recipes for these yummy crackers on just about every food blog, craft site, Pinterest board. All yummy, all worth making. I’ve tried other brands of ranch seasoning, I just prefer Hidden Valley ranch.

I’ve added a little twist to my recipe. I work with Young Living Essential oils. My kitchen now has a pantry-full of oils that I use in many ways. Many are for blending for health and topical use. Many can be used in recipes for scenting the home and for food use. Hello lemon oil!

To add some zing to seasoned oyster crackers, I simply follow the recipe by Hidden Valley, no fresh dill and no garlic powder, add a bit more ranch powder, and add 5-10 drops of Young Living Essential Oil brand lemon oil, depending on if I double or triple the recipe.

I’m not a huge fan of dill unless it’s seasoning a pickle. Add it, or substitute dried if you love it.

I can’t tell you how great a difference the lemon oil makes. It compliments the traditional ranch seasonings perfectly.

I just made a batch for my husband’s office (less a cupful for me). Happy Friday!




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