Just one DEGREE

One degree. One degree difference in the temperature. It doesn’t sound like a lot. It’s certainly not a significant difference on paper.

Cold weather has rolled into central Kentucky. It is a windy, cold day of 39.
My big dog, Mr. Woodrow, is quick to go out, quick to come back in. I’m quick to shut the door to keep the chill out.

I’m still amazed out how the cold is now a bit hurtful to me. I spent the entire month of October in Florida a couple of years ago. Upon return, I let out howls as the cold November wind
met me. I joked that the four weeks of being warm to the bone ruined me to tolerating being cold to the bone. Now, a couple of years later, I know it is really true.

I wish it wasn’t so, but it is time to turn on the heat. The past couple of weeks have been a mix of the heat/air off, the air on to cool the house from 73 to 70, and the heat to get the chill off of 66 so that the baby is warm.

I’ve always read that there is a heating discount if you have the heat on 68 or less. 67 is the sweet spot to get an approximate discount of 4%. 65 is a more significant discount but it is also significantly colder as you bundle up to watch a movie or cook dinner. Brrr.

I turned the heat down from 68 to 67 Friday afternoon. I’ve been in different layers of dress to adjust to the chill. It’s Saturday afternoon now. I decided to turn it back to 68, to see if I could tell the difference. Well. YES! The output of air is warm, my nose is thawing out, I’m relaxing and realizing I’ve been a little bit scrunched up cold, even with my long johns on.

It has me thinking. Nothing feels better when you are cold than a little warmth. In every way. Just one notch up and you can relax into it. Warmer heat, warmer shower water, warmer tea, warmer sweater over a tshirt, warm mittens over cold hands.

It applies to life, too.

Warmth, compassion, understanding, kindness, affection, connection. Just one little warm bit more makes such a big difference.



2 thoughts on “Just one DEGREE

  1. “Warm” – got to be one of my favorite words. excellent take on the word, thanks for the cause to stop and smile today. i appreciate that, almost warmed me up… šŸ™‚ mikey

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