By any other NAME

I stumbled upon a new word. It’s similar to a word I love, wanderlust.


Fernweh is a German word that, from what I’ve read from German writings, is a bit hard to translate to another language. It’s one of those wonderful colloquialisms that the people of that location know exactly what they mean and when they try to describe it to others, it takes a paragraph or two.

It is quite fitting that the definition of fernweh would be hard to describe. If you are experiencing fernweh, you need a freedom of movement. The freedom to travel.

While wanderlust is the desire to travel, fernweh is a bit more intense. It is the desire to be in new places with new experiences, new sites. To not quite settle on a home, as the new places and travel are calling. To wrap yourself up in the journey and destinations. To be a bit blue when you are not on a travel adventure.

In researching the word fernweh, I came across what may best define it. It is the opposite of heimweh, the German word for homesickness. Homesick is easy to define for most. That longing for home, an emotional and sometimes physical response to wanting to be with the familiar.

Fernweh. A word, by any other name, would not be the same.



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