Warming up my cold October BONES

It’s a chilly October day in central Kentucky. I’m cold to my bones.

The first days back from the warm Florida sun are always hard. The return to the Kentucky autumn chill makes my bones feel like they clatter and clank.

The wind whips and reminds me that winter is coming.

The sky is layered in an artist palette of shades of gray clouds. They are a beautiful backdrop from the windows as I light autumn scented candles all over the house. Honey apple, vanilla, and caramel scents are so cozy.

Sweet, hot coffee is even better from my oversized seashell mug. It reminds me of my feet on warm sand, the sun on my face, mesmerizing waves, sunwarm skin.

So many ways to snuggle up and rest from the overnight drive.

Journal new project ideas…

Catch up on calls to friends…

Browse Pinterest from under a quilt or three…

Sort thru shopping treasures…

A sweet lazy nap and a kittycat stretch and yawn….

I’ll start my day in a little while.



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