A gorgeous ending to a precious DAY

I woke up this morning to the sweet sound of a heavy rain on a tin roof.

Perfect excuse to hit snooze and let the pier fishes relax. This fishergirl was sleeping in. I love to storm watch and I especially love to see an ocean storm roll in. Churning grey clouds, salty winds blowing by. This early morning, well before daybreak, my choice was to just slide back into a deep sleep, lulled by the sound of a Florida rain.

Hot, sweet coffee and a walk down the pier planks to visit with friends was a great way to start the day a bit later.

One friend shared tales of Germany, one had pictures of sharks caught yesterday, we checked on friends we hadn’t seen the last couple of days, greeted friendly faces and we got to help a new friend to stand again after falling. The pier can be surprisingly slick in spots where someone has hauled in a net of bait fish.

There were a couple of dolphins to watch swim thru, a gorgeous cloudy sky and great lighting for pictures. How many shades of grey are there? All of them are ready to count in a stormy ocean sky.

Lunch was a delicious array of marinated mozzarella, stuffed olives and other savory treats from the market.

Some casual shopping and friends and calls from home filled the early afternoon. It’s nice to be reminded of who misses you, just a little bit.

The stone crab season starts today so we made some calls to our favorite seafood spots. Wishful thinking that someone would have had the Herculean powers to haul in and prep the beauties.

The beach was perfect today. Truly perfect. Bright sunshine, white clouds in fun and recognizable shapes drifting by, a breeze that cooled us, dark blue deep water and icy green waves right before they broke into white surf. We got a report of a couple of mackerels being caught on the pier but it was so comfortable, we stayed right there.

There are many great places to eat in our home away from home. We feel like locals here. It’s a great place to spend time. We sent out for a fabulous seafood set of dinners, so as not to lose time before the sunset.

After the sun set, washing us in brilliant colors of neons of pink and orange, we packed our gear and headed home.

Trip-trap Trip-trap across my favorite bridge and we were home to share a sweet treat of fancy proportions.

Sweet time with family and friends and nature and treats. Precious. Truly precious.

Sweet! IMG_0246.JPG


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