A spooky sweet walk among the HAYSTACKS

It’s officially AUTUMN! I made my first batch of butterscotch haystacks last week.

I know, I know… Many other things herald the autumn season. The official date of the turning season, for one, and also corn shocks being gathered, the return of pumpkin spice lattes, boots and jacket weather, falling leaves, football games and more.

I volunteered to make treat trays for a fundraising cake walk. So many sweet ideas to choose from. Baking, dipping, decorating…how would I choose? Bakers and bake sale treat makers know how hard it is to decide on the final treat list.

I finally decided, made a list, checked it twice, and off we went. Three stores later, we had all of our supplies.

The evening of baking, I had the sweet surprise of some extra family time. I’m a Mary-Martha mix. I laid it all down to thoroughly enjoy the visit, quickly revised my baking plan into dipping only, and quickly changed the treats into just-as-cute but more time efficient goodies. Win win!

The star of the show, and the theme of the treat platter is the traditional Butterscotch Haystack. Simple and yummy. Simply melt butterscotch chips over low heat, pour over chow mein noodles, stir to coat and drop onto wax paper. What looks like fall fun more than haystacks? Edible butterscotch haystacks!

If you’re ever in a baking pinch at Halloween, stick candy eyes on any treat and they look spookily adorable. I dipped vanilla cream cookies in white chocolate, sprinkled with glitter sugar and added eyes. Sweet monsters!

No Halloween walk would be complete without ghosts, right? I did half of the Peeps ghosts with a quick chocolate dip and purple and orange sprinkles. I chocolate glued candy pumpkins onto the other half of the ghosts. Even ghosties like to pick pumpkins.

I chocolate glued jack o’lantern Peeps onto fudge striped cookies for a spur of the moment cookie treat. I had originally planned on topping chocolate cupcakes with the happy faced Peeps. Sometimes quick on the draw leads to great things! I love the way these look and will keep them in the autumn treat round up.

Hay bales! Rice Krispy treats cut into rectangles and dipped in white chocolate, candy pumpkins atop, and sprinkles and there you have it. A darling, sweet hay bale treat.

One of my favorite autumn memories includes trips out to the county to visit the pumpkin patch that had giant pumpkins. Three cheers for Campfire marshmallows! Giant pumpkin marshmallows are a great addition to my platter of “A spooky sweet walk among the haystacks”.

I have treat supplies left over, and will make more treats before Halloween. I wouldn’t trade sweet family time for anything! So I think this batch of quick dip spooky sweet treats worked out perfectly!

The finishing touch: arrange in a platter or pan with a clear top, tie it up with ribbon and a Halloween plastic ring and it’s ready for sharing!







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