The winds of CHANGE

A new season is blowing in. Autumn. My favorite.

I read an article on this shifting season, written by the staff of my local acupuncture studio, The Light Clinic.

To paraphrase, and by the spiritual seasonal calendar they use, it’s been a season of being handed bucket after bucket of dirt. As soon as you empty a bucket, you have been handed another. What you do with that dirt is up to you. You have either dumped it around you and are stuck in the dirt. Or you have carefully dumped the dirt to build a good foundation for the new season.

I have heard a similar story. A donkey is in a well with no way out. His farmer decides to bury it there. As he dumps bucket after bucket of dirt, the donkey shakes it off and uses it as a foundation to climb out of the well.

Not a bad idea…

The winds of change are blowing wild and free. Perfect time to walk on a firm foundation to the future.



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