The bluebird of HAPPINESS

It’s been a busy morning. The baby has been happy and active. We have enjoyed our morning of a fruit and yogurt breakfast and music time. We have played pat-a-cake and chased the dog and put our mail in the box. We have read our books and touched our toes, patted our belly and worked on identifying “hands”. I’ve rocked him to sleep and he is peacefully sleeping, arms flung wide and sweetly resting.

I quickly did some work, answering emails, filling in appointments in my calendar, making calls in a whisper tone and not apologizing for that. I’ve checked orders and tidied up, and actually remembered to turn the dryer back on.

I decided a warm cup of green tea with a splash of cream would be a wonderful intermission treat. I was daydreaming while waiting for the water to heat up and looking out the window to the backyard, as I often do.

What a wonderful surprise. I have never seen such a beautiful bird. What a stunning shade of blue. I snapped a quick picture, it is a bit blurry, as I didn’t want to spook the bird by opening the back door. I cropped and and highlighted the picture to try to share it better here.

We have a wishing tradition in our family with red birds. If you see a red bird, make a wish. If the bird flies to the right, your wish will come true.

I decided to wish on this blue bird, too. A wish of continued happiness for me, my family and friends, of peace, and gratefulness of our blessings.

That sweet little blue bird, that I now know was a blue finch, flew off to the right. What a sweet sight.



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