Sometimes you accept opportunity and sometimes you let it slip by, or turn it down. One thing is for sure, either way, you will think back to the opportunities you have had. You may not have recognized the full scope of what lay right in front of you. It may have just looked like work, or you may have not seen all of the possibilities. Maybe you were so busy in your routine that you weren’t open to a new idea, or maybe by doing nothing, the time to grab the opportunity expired. Whatever the case, you will think back on each opportunity and balance it with what you chose to do.

Opportunity. As I learn and grow, I’m realizing that not everyone sees what I see. That in every problem, lies opportunity. Einstein and I agree on that. Falling seven times always, always means getting up eight. There is a lesson in each fall or failure. There is a certain success in failure, in knowing what not to do next time.

The weak mind sees the problem and stops there, mired in the details with no way out. The balanced mind sees the challenge and guts it out, enduring. The strong mind assesses, and acts, and seizes the opportunity that presented.


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