An update on PROSPERITY

WoW! June. Already? Time to take a minute and reflect on my word of the year… PrOsPeRiTy.

This year has been chock full of challenges. Full of blessings, too. The challenges have been just that, challenging. Not necessarily in a bad way. A challenge is an opportunity to learn and stretch and grow. When I look at it that way, I don’t mind that. I want to be better. Always. I’m not in a competition with anyone, I’m not trying to keep up with the Jones’, I’m not trying to have more just to have it. I just want to live intentionally, with a sense of purpose , helping who I can along the way, just as I have received help along my way. I make mistakes, try to laugh and learn, apologize and forgive, and keep moving forward.

Prosperity. My word for the year 2014. I still love the idea of intentionally living and learning and working in order to prosper. Healthy, wealthy, wise. In focusing on the idea of prosperity, it has opened me up to opportunities in work, education and new friendships.

This time last year, seeds were being sown that have now bloomed. In the struggle to adapt to the many changes coming my way, I kept an open mind and prayerfully considered the growth opportunities. I dug deep to understand and identify what I wanted to do career wise, and what I could feasibly do as I made the decision to keep my new grandbaby during the day.

I threw a wide net. A wide net. I’m still pulling the net in, as opportunities are still coming in. Do I have the boldness that life will demand as I put my dreams out into the universe? Do I have the grit to stay the course? Do I have the heart and passion it will take to believe? Do I have the strength and courage to leap, knowing that a fall would bruise my ego and bang up my pride and require the determination to get back up. Most days, yes.

While I have been busy formulating plans to meet my goals, life has been busy amusing me with opportunities.

I could have never imagined that I would be creating elegant and fun jumbo balloons for events. I say this often: when you tell God that you will do His will to get your way… you may find yourself making balloons! What a sense of humor and fun my Heavenly Father has!

I could not have imagined that in my effort to extend my knowledge of holistic healing practices for myself and my family, it would lead to consulting for an essential oils company. I could not have imagined the blessing it brings to my heart as my oil client base increases, and my message box is filled with news of better sleep, less stress responses, glowing skin and prospering new consultants. Healthy, wealthy, wise.

I did imagine teaching classes. That thought has circled around in many different forms, as I have taught many classes over the years. What I couldn’t have imagined is that I would be teaching in a pilot program at our local activity center. Full circle to my early years of interest in social work. Wow God!

Friendships. Who could imagine an abundance of new friendships? I have a wonderful new group of friends to share essential oils with, a creative new group of friends to share event decor with. I have an accountability group that I am doing the 52 week savings plan with. I have a friendship with the directors of the activity center and new friends just waiting to connect during classes. I have friendships growing with volunteer opportunities and neighbors and our big blended family.


The first half of this year has been an amusement and amazing, as I work and live intentionally and set and meet goals. I am curious and excited for the challenges and opportunities that will come in the second half of this year. I have a few seeds planted. Let’s see what blooms.


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