Beautiful MORNING


This Sleep-In-Saturday has been brought to me by my yard being perfectly striped by my son, Landon, last night. So thankful! Drinking coffee, wrapped in a quilt in the backyard swing. Book in my lap as I’m too busy watching the red birds, purple and yellow finches, fat robins and mourning doves. There’s four little brown birds shooing away the pair of squirrels who are trying to run the fence, back to their tree. I’ve started my fairy garden with a little white church and a shell yard. The clematis is climbing the white iron trellis and the new lilac looks pretty healthy, despite the long winter. The grasses of the perennials are tall and strong, just waiting on the blooms to burst. The poppy fronds are full and lush and pods are forming. Makes my heart happy to see about 20 big blooms forming on the peonies my son, Ben, brought me on Mother’s Day last year.

Life. Is. Good.


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