A little BACON and a lot of Spring NOSTALGIA


Ahhh Monday. I love Monday. Monday is a fresh start day.

This particular pep-in-my- step Monday has been so sweet and so nostalgic.

By now, unless you were completely unplugged from the tech, social media, and television world, you have seen this clip of Kevin Bacon.


I know I am showing my age by saying that while everyone else is over there saying I heart bacon… I’m over here saying I heart Bacon, Kevin Bacon.

I didn’t jump on the Baconwagon when Footloose came out. I’m a way back Baconator from his soap opera days when he played a troubled teen to a T. And who could forget him in Friday the 13th. I’ve so enjoyed KB putting his mischievous grin to use in great character roles through the years. I loved the first season of The Following, and although it is so dark this season, I enjoy seeing Mr. Bacon once again play a troubled character, just as much as in the soap opera.

The dance clip from The Jimmy Fallon Show sparked such nostalgia. Footloose came out my sophomore year. A year of big hair and awkward braces, teen heartache and fun school sockhops, an obsession with jellybeans, every color Keds, a great summer tan and fun days at the pool.

I still love jellybeans, and music and dancing. I still love Kevin Bacon and Keds. Days at the pool are always fun, and, of course, I still love the Footloose soundtrack and movie.

I must have really been feeling nostalgic while food shopping yesterday. I had to laugh when I was unpacking my goods. Bendy straws, jellybeans, a fun summer ruffled shorty pool dress, Noxema and my favorite pool snack, Gold-n Cheese. So reminiscent of sophomore year.

I didn’t get new Keds, but I did wear my gray ones.


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