Extravagant Orange (3) Art Inspired


Day (3) of Extravagant Orange Series of (10). Art inspiration.

What inspires a project? Sometimes it’s a flashfire of immediate vision. A surety of the big picture, the final product, the pieces and parts in between. A knowing of what and who and where that you will need. And a restless, excited spirit to begin.

Sometimes a project is without parameters. It can be an daunting feat to narrow down the possibilities. A challenge to the creative mind.

Inspiration is everywhere, pulling and tugging to go this way or that.

With the Laura Kelly Rainbow Hop orange project details swirling in my mind, I started to see the bits of orange that were everywhere.

My clay pots from Todas Santos, the painted ceramics from Cabo, the happy trimmings on the baby’s bounce chair, the crewel work on my Nannie’s doorstop, the tiny orange accents on my distressed buffet.

I wanted a happy orange project, with layers of orange color. I also wanted some whimsy. I wanted to use a creative medium, and texturize it with clear glitter at the end. Mission accomplished.

Stop by over the next few days to see what other Extravagant Orange projects I am sharing.




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