Looking forward to a FairyGARDEN


We are in another snowy Kentucky weather situation this week.

I bundled up and tromped outside in my snow boots to share some bread crumbs and pretzels with my songbird friends.

Fresh air! Cold but inviting. Sunshine! Warm, even in the cold. I selfishly plucked and crushed some of the leaves of perennials, just to smell a bit of nature and think of spring.

I walked the yard to see the heaving tips of bulbs that will bring such pretty flowers. Soon. They will be here soon.

I coaxed Mr. Woodrow, my very old very sweet dog, into running the yard. It was good to see the spring in his step. It was good to laugh out loud as he rolled in the snow.

And there it was… Perfect! Inspiration for my fairy garden.

I’m not a huge fan of hens-and-chicks plants. I’m learning to love them, as they came with the beautiful backyard plantings with this new house.

Joy! I’m seeing these two pots and perennials in a sunshiny new light! This will be my fairy garden. Times two. A fairy village. Inspired!


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