Rest. It does a body GOOD. Really?


I’ve been “under the weather”. And now… I’m tired. Not to the bone tired. Just tired. Like end of winter tired or routine tired. I’m making myself do the normal things to do, tired or not. No sense in letting dishes pile up, tumbleweeds of dog fur roll by or laundry walk itself to the washer. Trying to “rest” has proven quite difficult. Stressing over resting? Oy.

One thing I have noticed while trying to rest, to kick the mean little mini flu… I have no attention span. Seriously. I flit and flutter thru social media sites and email and a couple of games. I make a paper list, an online list. I putter around and do chores, or half chores, or forget why I walked into a room.

I painted my nails (red ohh la la) and then ruined them by looking for a recipe. I turned on the iron to press fabric and then was engrossed in research. Hello auto shut off.

I have always been a reader. Now I read a few pages, or one, and hop up to do something. Really?

I don’t know what I think about this. Off to do laundry…..


2 thoughts on “Rest. It does a body GOOD. Really?

  1. I can SO relate to what you’re saying here. I’m always doing 2-3 things at once or at least, thinking about more than 1 thing…it’s so tiring and actually counter-productive too.

    I hope you’re feeling a lot better. this was a great post!

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