What do you do all DAY


I got asked this question again today.

What do you do all day?

I wanted so badly to say something trite or sarcastic. I wanted to say, everything you do but with a baby on my hip, no set schedule, dirty diapers and without a secretary. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything so pointed. I simply replied, as I always do, “whatever the day brings”.

I have full and busy days of a busy little boy, volunteer and a work-at-home Mimi. Blurred lines between a working Mom and a stay-at-home Mom. In this case, not Mom, but grandmother.

Morning brings quiet playtime with sensory toys together, followed by an almost three hour nap for him while I throw in laundry, quickly chase living room dust bunnies away, and make the bed. Quickly. Today brought beautiful and welcome sunshine, the perfect time to open the house to let the sun in while I skim-read a stack of books to review for this blog.

Sweet snuggles while he wakes up and then it’s cereal time. Quick little clean up and our favorite… Music time. Eclectic mix of Canon in D, baby songs and ending with drum solos on the high chair top to Alphabet Street. He loves to clap clap clap and sing along.

His belly is full, he is rested and has had interactive music time… Time for some independent play. He loves his activity chair. He has easily learned to turn and play with the circle of toys around the chair. He is playing there now, fascinated by the loop rings after hitting the music buttons. His busy little legs running a baby marathon when old Mr. Woodrow, our dog, walks by.

He laughs when I say “hey shugah shugah” to check in from across the room. Independent play is important. I know this. He needs to be lost in his own little imagination, engrossed in his work that looks like play. I can’t help but interrupt to cheer him on sometimes. I’m the grandma, it’s allowed. I write or research or read other’s posts as he plays. Interactive writer and reader as I make new friendships through WordPress.

We will do tummy time so he gets strong and rolls over. We will practice sitting up. I send pictures to his parents and all of the other grandparents. I will snuggle him up while he drinks a bottle, and he will go down for a nap.

In the hour he sleeps, I will tidy up quickly, feed and water the dogs, get the mail, answer business texts and emails, return phone calls…

He will wake up about a half an hour before he is picked up. I will change him and give him a bath or a spit shine and lotion up his little body and sweet baby skin. I clip his nails, they grow so fast. He will be ready for his evening activities. I clean off my kisses so Mommy and Daddy start fresh. Our 10-11 hour day flies by. Every day.

We are mobile. We have days that we deliver products or meet friends for coffee. He has slept thru a 10-stop day. He has stayed awake thru a 4-stop unscheduled day of running. I prep and pack his bag to handle whatever our day brings.

He leaves. I’m cold. Physically cold, because my little snuggle buddy is not in my arms. I miss him. Tu me menques. He is missing from me.

I don a sweater and regroup. I check my to-do list while I cook dinner.

It’s probably 7:30-8pm. It’s time to go to work. Writing, sewing, monogramming, crafting. Photos photos photos. Retakes. Editing photos. Editing posts. Regluing a button or ribbon. More photos. Editing. It’s probably 11:30pm-12am.

I let my work rest. I wash my face and shower and tidy up. I check my work again. I log off all the screens that I have a love/hate relationship with. It’s probably 1:30am. I fall into bed and set my alarm for the morning. The baby will be here at 7:30am.

That’s what I do all day. That, my friends, is what I do all day. Except for the days where I add in: delivering food from the local grocer to the local shelter, decorate for holidays , fill my car up with gas, go to church, grocery shop, plan surprise birthdays, write thank you cards, attend conference calls, bake for bake sales, counsel friends or be counseled, visit with my parents or my grown up kids…


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