Soft little piggies ready for SPRING!


It works! You have seen the miracle foot soak recipe pinned all over Pinterest. You have seen pic after pic of piggies that are soft and sweet and ready for flip flops.

Well… I just had to try it. I love soft nourished skin all year, not just in spring and summer. Glad I did! It works! I averaged out the soak times from different pinners to be 25 minutes. I only soaked for about 14, as I fell asleep in my rocking chair. I don’t recommend soaking at the end of the day: a) you may fall asleep b) your feet are super minty fresh cold after the soak.

The recipe I decided on is a bit different than the recipes online. Not much, just easier to remember.

Super Soak:
2 cups boiling water
2 cups mouthwash
2 cups apple cider vinegar

Soak feet 20-30 minutes. Dry with towel. Dead skin will slough off easily with your choice of pedi scrubber (pumice stone, foot file, etc).

Couldn’t be easier! Enjoy!

Yes, these are my tootsies in the pics. You can share, just don’t crop out mysweetheartlife. I own the pic. And the legs.



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