An innocent OBSESSION


I am obsessed with pineapples lately. Absolutely obsessed. I have been eating pineapples and drinking pineapple juice every day. Every day. Why? Who knows?

Here is some great information about this great for you food:

Ohh la la… Look at this pineapple recipe!“>

I’ve always heard that pineapple is traditionally used as a welcome symbol. I found several histories of how this came about, but feel I need to dig a little deeper, as several histories claim that the symbol for hospitality may have been the pinecone, not the pineapple.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather my guests bring pineapples as a hostess gift. I would much rather serve sweet pineapple to my guests than have them lick a pinecone!

Back to my pineapple dessert! Plain old pineapple, right off the tree to my grocer to me. Sweet!



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