Tea. Love it. Prosperity. Love it, too. Frugality. Love it.

I have been busy busy busy organizing and streamlining and learning and saving… all towards prosperity. It’s the end of the first of only twelve months that I have to meet my goal. I am well on my way to meeting my goal, satisfied that I am taking action, satisfied with the results so far.

What does that have to do with tea? This…

I love Luzianne decaf iced tea. I have loved it since 1988. I grew up on Lipton, but with one glass of Luzianne, I was hooked. It is not fancy, or expensive or high brow in any way. It isn’t a prestigious tea to flaunt or sound sophisticated. I just like it for an every day glass of iced tea. Plain and simple.

In an effort to save on the grocery budget, I have been trying different brands of everything, including teas. I have tried all of the grocer’s less expensive teas.

I. Love. Luzianne. That’s all. I don’t feel that the goal of prosperity would be met if I don’t like the tea I drink daily. Part of a prosperous life is the enjoyment of your everyday routines and nourishment.

Prosperi-tea. By way of Luzianne. I raise my glass to your favorite tea, too. Enjoy!


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