A day In The Life Towards PROSPERITY


Prosperity doesn’t just happen. It takes work. Efficient work takes planning. Planning takes organization. So, yep. I have a calendar, a business day runner, pocket planner, a small calendar and notepad for the refrigerator and darling Vera Bradley personal planner to keep my daily/weekly/monthly activities straight. I need a refill for my Vera Bradley planner.

I’ll add that to my color coded to-do list! (KIDDING!)


2 thoughts on “A day In The Life Towards PROSPERITY

  1. Thanks for sharing. I only own a wall calendar and a weekly planner. Please share how you organize your days/weeks/months? Do you structure them with your long term goals in mind? Do you incorporate mental/physical/spiritual/financial/ social activities or just to-do’s? Thanks!

    • I do! All of it. This year is going to be full of intentional goal setting/achieving. The blog will have a lot of tips that have worked and some that haven’t for me. It’s all about sharing and trying and learning what works for you. I like the one on the fridge for grocery notes and to be able to glance at calendar. I like my pocket calendar to keep with me to jot things down while on the go. The larger flat calendar is great to keep in the shop for project planning. The pretty floral desk one is for family to jot down activities. The day runner is a master list, and one I try not to scribble thru so it stays neat. I function so much better by having a core plan, so that I know how to point and shoot in emergencies or schedule changes.

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