A Year of Building A Cash Stash


Here we goooo! I know a lot of people are into electronic everything when it come to money. I get it. But just like everything else, sometimes our money is “out of sight/out of mind”. An extra debit card swipe on Monday means no savings on Tuesday.

I’m going to suggest that everyone is on the KISS money page before you decide to start the Ca$h Sta$h. You know, the Keep It Simple Sweetheart page. More income in than out. Pay bills for necessities first, bills for non-necessities second, put money into retirement account, put money into short term and long term savings, budget the rest for food and fun.

Now. The Ca$h Sta$h. 52 weeks of finding a way to drop the coordinating dollar amount into a jar. Intentional extra cash. Skip a fancy coffee, clip some coupons, have a yard sale,



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