Steps towards PROSPERITY


Do you have a “word” for this year? Do you traditionally have a certain word that you would like to focus on as you ring a new year?

I have to say, I have never picked a word for a new year. I saw a few writer friends start to write about this practice in December. I promptly decided not to do it. I love words. I love a lot of words. How in the world would I ever choose? So many words, so little time. So many things I need to work on and improve. The possibilities are endless and endless.

The end of the year was quickly approaching and more writers, in columns and blogs and social media, started revealing their word for the new year. I thought about their words. I wondered what was under the surface of their choice. I liked some, I didn’t like others.

A couple of weeks, and a couple of big sighs later, I could not quit thinking about the idea.

And then… New Year’s. Hello 2014!

I’m finding myself so excited for this new year. I don’t really know why, necessarily. It just feels like a good fit already. Maybe it is a more relaxed feeling from the last couple of years of tremendous upheaval and change. Maybe it is because it is an even numbered year (I love even numbers). Maybe it is because I am beginning to know myself so much better. Maybe it is because I have decided, finally, to live more intentionally.

Do you live intentionally? Purposefully? I don’t think I do. I think I have times of a fluid schedule, sheer gutting it out, times of weakness, times of strength, times of grief, times of complete failure and the dusting myself off that it takes to move forward, times that I wonder what in the world I am doing, times of bliss. I don’t think that’s intentional living, I think it’s reactional.

I find that, for me, it is easier to work around my family’s needs, instead of setting my schedule first. Reactional. I will drop anything I am doing to be where they need me to be. Reactional. And then I remember that my career goal was to be a mother. That’s it. So of course I would arrange my family’s schedule first. It was my “work”. Intentionally. Always.

Living intentionally requires focus and determination. It is so easy to live in a distracted, haphazard or unscheduled way in this day and age. Family, kids, school, job, volunteering… and the pressure of social media have us all, at times, so distracted. Run-run-run. There is always something “shiny” to pull our focus elsewhere.

I was going to pick “intentional” as my word. I was thinking about it and the thought crossed my mind “intentional for what?”. What do I want to intentionally strive for this year? I felt a deep satisfaction in asking myself the question. I allowed myself to, atypically, let it rest. I decided to be still, and see what came to mind naturally.

And it came. Naturally.

Prosperity. I am focusing on prosperity this year. Not just surviving, but thriving. Every day.

pros•per•i•ty (prɒˈspɛr ɪ ti) n.
a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, good fortune in health and finances.

Prosperity is a pretty word. Rolls off the tongue. It sounds good and happy and light. Conversely, it swings a heavy ax, requires focus and determination. Prosperity will not just land in your lap. It will not magically appear just because you hold your hands out.

I am a “if your boat is sinking, pray to God while swimming to the shore” kind of girl. My promise to God is that I will trust in His provision while working hard in every way to prosper.

So, yes, I know what I must, and will, do to be prosperous in this new year. Pray. Be aware of opportunity. Work. Hard. Get fit in mind and body. Be grateful and acknowledge blessings. I am doing that. Every day. It feels fantastic. Intentional planning, intentional action, productive and efficient steps towards complete prosperity. 2,014 proverbial steps thru to the end of 2014.

I will be writing a post each month called Prosperity Point, with updates, action plans, what worked, what didn’t, research into health and wellness, savings plans, free resources, etc. Cheers to a prosperous year!


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