A spectacular DISPLAY


This is an unfiltered view from my front porch at sunrise. I felt absolutely wrapped in the amazing colors. As the sun rose, the entire sky was a spectacular display. The clouds were heavy and saturated in light and color and widened in the sky every passing minute. Pinks and purples cast a rosy glow inside my home as the more brilliant colors of the sunrise faded.

I am always inspired by the beauty of nature. The glorious display of the colors of the sky, the delicate strength of a blooming flower, the magic of a rainbow, plump colorful and nourishing berries on a vine, choppy waves on a rolling sea, smooth tumbled white shells on a sandy beach.

I will look at this picture often, and remember breathing in the sunrise and letting it wash over me, letting the busy day ahead wait a few more minutes. I will remember my prayer of thanks to an awesome Creator, and be thankful again for the memory.


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