My JOY Cannot be shaken by CIRCUMSTANCE


I woke up this morning awash with and flooded with pure joy. Joy. Where does my inner joy come from? Why is it not shaken by circumstance? Ever? I don’t know. It is just always there, ready to bubble up. It is the laugh that never fails to come, the smile in the midst of a worrisome circumstance, the dance as any little joyous moment shows it’s shining face.

My joy cannot be shaken by circumstance. Ever. I have faith in that. I am of the age where I can look back and see a solid pattern of my joy rising to the occasion. My faith in my joy strengthens my faith in other things. It is different than hope, different than strength, different than love, I think. Maybe joy is a mixture of all these.

I don’t have time today to ponder fully what I think of joy and it’s components. No time to construct an essay. I have a baby to care for, projects to complete, four kids and two bonus kids and my husband to check in with as they go in different directions for the day, weekend events to plan, and so much more on this freezing yet beautifully sunny winter day. I need to get back to the business of busyness.

More on joy another day…


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