Ho Ho Ho Dark Chocolate Cookie KRINGLES

Oh the JOY of an easy recipe! Three ingredients and a little patience…. and wah-lah! Gorgeous cookies perfect for the chocolate lovers of the bunch!

My best friend’s mom made these growing up. My mom made tons of baked goods and candies from hand pulled cream candy, to divinity, to classic cookies, to a traditional sheet cake, old fashioned hard candy, buckeyes…. You name it, she made it and had us stir it! This Kringle cookie.. Nope. That was special at my down-the-street-neighbor’s house.

Fast forward to several years ago. My girlfriends, Robyn and Amy, and I hosted a cookie swap at church and guess what cookie one of our friends shared! Kringles! I had completely forgotten about them and fell instantly back in love. I am not sure if the nostalgia and flood of little girl memories was better or the cookies!

Fast forward to the summer of this year. I was straightening up my recipe books, as they were overflowing out of my Nannie’s hutch. I found the recipe book we put together at that cookie swap. One dear recipe was missing. You guessed it, the Kringle cookie recipe. I had a vague memory of limited ingredients and was sure of only two: cool whip and a cake mix. One online search later and I found it. These cookies are called many things. They will remain Kringles to me to honor my childhood memories, and one of my many extra moms.

Ok. Gather up: One box of cake mix of your choice, 1 egg, 8 oz. cool whip and confectioner sugar. That’s all. Really.

Gather up your ingredients!

Gather up your ingredients!

Mix well to form a dough

Mix well to form a dough

Shaky Shaky in the Sugar

Shaky Shaky in the Sugar

Instructions: Mix the cake mix, egg and cool whip until well blended. Roll into 1 inch or so balls. Roll in confectioner sugar. Bake 10-12 minutes on 350.

I am a baker. Through and Through. Always have been. I like cooking and cheffing up a great dinner, too. My heart is in baking, though. I love to sweet talk a cake into rising, diligently watch a pie top brown, fiddle with a recipe to get the bake time just right. It takes patience. And unlike cooking, once something is baking, there is no turning back. No adding a pinch of this to counter too much of that.

These cookies are so good. If you take them out a minute early they are gooey on the inside and mostly crisp on the outside. If you take them out at the perfect moment, they are chewy in the middle and crisp on the outside. Baking a bit too long gets a crisp cookie all the way through. And that’s ok for any chocolate lover desperate for a dose! No worries.

I took a few cookies of the test batch (in August) to my friend, Christy. I needed confirmation of the yummy, free of my memories. She gave them an honest thumbs up. Christy is a friend that also holds so many memories dear. A nostalgic just like me!



I love that these Kringles are striking to look at as well. Double bonus of a great cookie, an easy recipe, a pretty presentation and childhood memories. Well, that is more than double. Love that!



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