10 Sweetly Simple Santa Crafts – Hot Chocolate Retro SANTA

Here we go with another retro Santa craft. Because… well… I need stocking stuffers! I love bake sales and food crafting! Always have! I have made variations of these for years. I know they are new and trending on Pinterest, but ahem, they are not new in Bakesaleville.

Gather up your supplies: Wilton decorating bag, tub of hot chocolate mix, small Ziploc bags, mini marshmallows, red sprinkles/crushed peppermint/Andes peppermint baking chips, twist tie, printed instructions, holiday colorful paper, white paint, craft wiggly eyes.

Yummy Hot Chocolate Santa craft supplies!

Yummy Hot Chocolate Santa craft supplies!

Instructions: Print your tag with the instructions of  “Add hot water and entire contents of package into a jumbo mug. Stir. Enjoy” Add layers of colorful holiday paper to the tag, glue down with Glue Dots or Mod Podge. Punch a hole. Measure out hot chocolate mix per instructions for one serving, and add up to a half extra (for a jumbo mug). Put into a small Ziploc bag and seal. Drop a couple of mini marshmallows into the Wilton decorating bag. Push them down into the tip. Add a few more to look like the pompom of Santa’s hat. Add the “red” of the hat of your choice. I added Andes Peppermint Baking Chips and some red jumbo sprinkles for this one, and will use crushed peppermint candy for others.  Add the bag of hot chocolate mix, squooshing it in to look like Santa’s face. Add mini marshmallows for Santa’s beard. Twist tie the end of the bag, add the instruction tag and wah-laaa! Almost Finished!



I couldn’t resist making hot chocolate at this point! A yummy warm treat for a cold, snowy Kentucky winter day!

I have an overflowing supply bin so I have a selection of craft eyes. I just had to use them! You could opt to paint or Sharpie marker the eyes. I used Mod Podge to glue these little wiggly eyes down, and I will use Glue Dots for the bigger eyes. I painted bushy eyebrows and a Santa mustache. He is Christmas stocking ready!

Happy crafting!


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