10 Sweetly Simple Santa Crafts – Santa Hats

Santa Hats! Yum!

Santa Hats! Yum!


Here is an extra little Sweetly Simple Santa Craft on a snowy Saturday night! I made these for gifting and sharing last year. I have to say it was a bit of a messy project but worth it!

Gather up your supplies: white candy coating (I always use almond bark), mini marshmallows, tiny twist pretzels, red sanded sugar, Wilton’s decorating bags (frosting bag), wax paper.

The instructions are simple. Lay a big sheet of wax paper on the counter/table. Melt the white candy coating per package instructions. I always have good luck with melting almond bark on a low temperature in a small pan. Dip each pretzel into the bark, covering about half of the pretzel. It needs to be pretty thick, as you want a solid coating across/inside the “hat”. Add a mini marshmallow and shake the sanded sugar over the candy coating. When your pretzels are all dipped, pour the white candy coating into a Wilton’s bag and go back and add a stripe across the bottom edge of the hat. Just an extra detail that makes it look more like Santa’s hat.

This yummy Santa project would lend itself perfectly to a holiday family night of food crafting, reading Santa stories, or Santa’s Hat creative writing projects.



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