10 Sweetly Simple Santa Crafts – Cheery Cherry Rudolph NOSES

Santa can’t get too far without his reindeer. His flying reindeer. Who better to lead the pack than sweet ol’ Rudolph with the shiny nose.

I made these Cheery Cherry Rudolph Noses for a bake sale a few years ago. I will confess it was a midnight creation due to necessity at the time. I just had to have a few more things to take to the church bake sale. I looked through what supplies I had and, of course, I had a stash of cherry sours. Have I mentioned how much I love cherry sours? I love cherry sours. There are many brands out there, and I have to say I haven’t had one that I didn’t like. The Great Value Cherry Sours that I used for this stocking stuffer craft are terrific. Very cherry!

This series of simple crafts is just that. I want you to dig through your supply bin to save costs. The cherry sours will taste much sweeter, and the ornaments will shine a bit brighter with inexpensive supplies!

Gather up your supplies: cherry sours, cello baggies and ties, colorful paper, printed or stamped labels. Adhesive of your choice (Mod Podge, Glue Dots, etc.)

Gather up your supplies!

Gather up your supplies!

Now you know these instructions are going to be short and sweet, right! I printed out a tag with a polka dot font (called Candy Randy) with the words “Cheery Cherry Rudolph Noses”. I layered and glued down colorful holiday paper for the tag and punched a hole with a hole punch. I used Glue Dots for this project. I love how quick and easy Glue Dots are! I used the same Offray black ribbon that I used on the glass ball ornament project for this. Too cute!

Ready for Christmas stockings!

Ready for Christmas stockings!

Ready for Christmas stockings! I love my son’s Christmas stockings shown here! My Nannie needlepointed them. My oldest son’s is huge, as he was the first grandchild. Nannie and I had a good laugh about the stockings getting smaller as she went down the line. My siblings and I were very lucky to have our grandparents with us into adulthood, and our children were all very close to them. I love my younger son’s stocking, too, and love having my grandmother’s artwork throughout my house. She was a master crafter of many mediums. Her projects were always very well planned out and beautiful. Her style was fairly formal, made with an artist’s eye and an elegance that matched the way she carried herself. Her lessons of using quality art supplies, and applying yourself to learning the medium, were well learned. I think of her probably scolding me a bit if I think about cutting a corner or skipping a step. The discipline she applied to her projects is very evident. The colors of the quilts, needlepoint, samplers and more are beautiful. The care in framing and finishing touches made each project beautifully turned out. The hours of learning a new skill, like calligraphy, or a new knitting pattern or quilting technique were what kept her love of art fresh and exciting over the years.

I hope you are enjoying the Sweetly Simple Santa Craft series! Enjoy the Cheery Cherry Rudolph Noses!


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