10 Sweetly Simple Santa Crafts – Santa Ball Ornament

Gather up your supplies!

Gather up your supplies!

Here we go! I’m loving the Santa round up! I think that holiday decorations have trended towards snowmen in the last decade, and I absolutely love that. You can leave snowmen up until February, after all. I still love decorating with Santa, though. That cheery smile, the red suit, twinkly blue eyes… and that happy belly that is sure to be full of Mrs. Claus’ cookies! I love my vintage Santa mugs peeking through the glass doors of my Nannie’s hutch. I love my vintage 1968 plastic mold Santas and the Santas in our decorative Christmas village.

This craft is so simple and should absolutely be made from bits in your scrap basket. I purchased this plastic ball ornament at a local store for 88 cents. The rest of the materials were from my supply bin. I think it turned out pretty darn cute! I opted for plastic, as we have little hands around the house again. Who needs to worry about a shattered ornament? Not us! Oopsies happen, but can be avoided with plastic, and 88 cents is a fantastic choice.

Supplies: glass or plastic ball ornament, scrap ribbon cut to fit around the middle, a buckle, and boa. If you don’t have a boa around, feel free to fill the ornament with glitter, feathers, buttons, curled paper, red hots… whatever you have that is red! I used a Simplicity red boa that I had left over from a Valentine’s project. I used black Offray ribbon with a white running stitch… love! I used a silver glitter chenille stem for the buckle.

Instructions: Remove the ornament top. Fill the ornament with the red boa. Cut to fit. Replace the top. Make a square buckle. Don’t forget to add a bar in the middle. Thread the ribbon through the buckle. Wrap the ribbon around the middle of the ornament, glue in place. That’s it. Really.

I also made a tag for my ornament with 2013 on one side and the recipient’s name on the other side. I am keeping that a Christmas secret!

Ho Ho Ho!

Ho Ho Ho!


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