Sweetly Simple Santa Crafts-Santa Candy Bars

Who doesn’t love a Hershey Bar. I mean, really. Yes, there are wonderful chocolate bars in every price range. Yes, I love those, too, and think some are simply divine. But there is something really terrific about a traditional Hershey Bar. Everyone I know eats a Hershey Bar differently. Square by square.. row by row… a great big bite.. smooshed into a s’more. So many Christmas stockings have a Hershey Bar poking out the top. Tradition!

Here is a sweet and simple way to bring a special Hershey Bar Santa to your holiday guests.

I purchased a roll of solid red wrapping paper at a local store for just 97 cents. A whole roll! Less than one dollar! I also purchased a package of Hershey Bars, of course.

Gather your supplies!

Gather your supplies!

Simply lay a Hershey Bar down on the paper and quick cut a piece big enough to cover the bar. Tape the paper where it meets at the back of the bar.

Cut a ribbon for Santa’s belts. Don’t forget the buckle! I used Mod Podge and glitter for the buckles. Now for the creative part, Santa’s suit. I glued buttons on, painted heart shape buttons with Anita’s craft paint, glued chenille stems on. I have more to make and the possibilities are endless.

I love how they look all together in a Santa sleigh. Ready for guests to sneak for a chocolate treat, ready for us to take to a holiday party. Enjoy!

Ready for holiday guests!

Ready for holiday guests!


One thought on “Sweetly Simple Santa Crafts-Santa Candy Bars

  1. I saw something similar on pinterest last year that I shared with my parent helpers. But I love your idea of having them out for surprise guests over the holidays or to take to a party! Merry Christmas!

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