Sweetly Simple Santa Crafts – Santa’s Beard


Ahhh… the holidays! It is December 1st, let the Christmas fun and festivities begin! Just a few short weeks and Christmas Day will be full of celebration and Santa will arrive!

No one knows more about the revvvving up of the excitement of  Santa sightings like Moms and teachers! The kids get more and more excited as the big day gets closer. Beginning today, for the next 10 days, I am sharing some Santa projects that will not only keep the kiddos busy, won’t break the holiday fun bank!

Santa and his beard! Can’t have one without the other, right? As a Santa lover, I just can’t imagine the cheery fella without a fluffy white beard. Here is a great activity for the kids to take part in every day from December 1 to December 24th…  And it costs less than a dollar!

Santa’s Beard Project Supplies: 24 Cotton balls, Instruction Poem and a beardless Santa of your choice.

Santa’s Beard Project Instructions: Beardless Santa: This is really your choice. There are many free printables to use that you can simply print out. You may want to make a crafty Santa from felt or burlap, which was actually what I had planned on doing. I saw this darling red (beardless) Santa tray (for 75 cents) at a local store and decided this was the perfect Santa for me!

Santa Poem:

Oh My! Oh Dear!
What do we have here?
But without his fluffy white beard!

What could have happened?
What could be the case?
Why in the world
Is his beard not on his face?

Please be a helper
Every day in December
And glue a cotton ball on…
Don’t forget to remember!

Type or handprint the poem, gather the kids around, hang your Santa. That’s it. Really. Every day from December 1 to December 24, when they are bouncing around and you need a break…. have them glue the cotton ball on and create a new story about why Santa didn’t have a beard. You will love the funny stories they will come up with! The stories can be made into a memory book or scrapbook to treasure.

For teachers, this could be a daily interactive creative writing task by simply adjusting the days to accommodate winter break.

Enjoy! More simple Santa projects to come…


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