Sweetly Simple Santa Crafts- Run Run (marshmallow) RUDOLPH!

Gather up your supplies!

Gather up your supplies!

Who would Santa be without his reindeer? Or where?

I love marshmallow treats and I absolutely love chocolate dipped marshmallow treats!

I made these darling reindeer marshmallow dipped treats to continue our tradition of holiday happy snacks. I love the sweet marshmallow and chocolate, the salty crunch of the pretzel, the semi-sweet candy eyes and the cinnamon or chocolate candy nose.

The instructions are plentiful and vary a bit if you google “dipped marshmallow reindeer”. Here are the instructions for how I made them.

Chocolate Marshmallow Reindeer:
Bag of regular size marshmallows
Block of chocolate bark
Cinnamon red hots and m&m’s
Wilton candy eyes
Bag of tiny twist pretzels
Wax paper

Chop up the chocolate bark and, per the package instructions, melt it on low heat, stirring periodically until completely melted and smooth. Lay a long sheet of wax paper on a counter or other flat surface. Dip a marshmallow into the melted chocolate with a fork or candy tool, coating the entire marshmallow. Lay the marshmallow on its long side, not the top/bottom.

Quickly place two pretzels for antlers on the top side. The chocolate will “glue” everything in place as it dries. Add two candy eyes on the top of the long side and a candy nose either right below the eyes or on the bottom side.

Sweet and silly reindeer faces!

Sweet and silly reindeer faces!

That’s it! A sweet treat perfect for a bake sale, gift for neighbors or school party. I love how each reindeer looks like it has a different personality! Enjoy!

So cute on the holiday table!

So cute on the holiday table!


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