Lazy Bones

I cannot wait to read this to my grandson every autumn! I can already imagine us shouting to Lazybones to wake up, giggling and, of course, shaking our silly bones. Kudos to the author, Juliana Lee.

Juliana Lee

Happy Fall Everyone!

I’m in a festive fall mood and so I’m going to share with you a rhyming story I wrote called,  Lazy Bones.  I wrote it last week.  After a trip this weekend to the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky and the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, I decided to add some photos to my story.   Where I didn’t have a photo, I added images from google.

Just for fun, I added two videos from youtube.  The first is a cute skeleton cartoon dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  The second is an easy craft for Q-tip skeletons.

I hope you enjoy the story.  Please share it with your little ones and leave me a comment.



by Juliana Lee


“Lazy Bones get out of bed!”

Mama Bones, Papa Bones, Baby Bones said.

“Let’s go to the pumpkin patch.”

“Let’s go…

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