A Pumpkin A DAY (7)


Here we go! More inspiration for my pumpkin picks for 2013!

How about a pumpkin and a little salt over your shoulder for good luck! I love a little Mod Podge party in the work room. Thanks to craft gawker, here is a great tip. Mod Podge a pumpkin with Epsom salt. I will look at chunky salt like matte glitter from now on! This inspiration pumpkin looks to be a faux craft pumpkin, but I may try it on a real pumpkin.

And for another darling craft pumpkin, easily done before carving day, how about a candy corn pumpkin?

As you know from an earlier project post, I love candy corn colors in Autumn. I shared a project, using Rit dye, to dye a bushel basket in happy Tangerine and yellow. https://mysweetheartlife.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/ready-for-a-crop-of-candy-corn/

Painting candy corn pumpkins couldn’t be a more simple way to decorate. Thanks to www.inspiredforhome.com Simply paint a yellow stripe and a white stripe and viola!



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