Anna Maria Donut SHOP

It’s a great day when you find a new favorite shop to visit at your favorite place to visit!


Made to Order Donuts! Whaaat??

Made to Order Donuts! Whaaat??

I’m on a little beach vaca, and happen to notice a new island window with a happy “Made to Order Donuts” painted on. Now what in the world would “made to order” mean? At a donut shop? I had to know. So I pulled in, straight off the pier, where I had been fishing. No time to waste!

I entered and soon learned that not only were the donuts freshly made right in front of customers, they truly were “made to order”, as there was a topping bar (for your fresh vanilla cake donut) with intriguing glazes and toppings to choose from.

Menu and Instructions. Enjoy!

Menu and Instructions. Enjoy!

I read the menu board, and also asked the owners, Shawn and Cecilia what the favorites are. The favorite is the Key Lime Pie. Close favorites are the Salted Caramel and the Vanilla Raspberry. I’m sure the Maple Bacon is up there, too, as bacon seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Well, they had me at Vanilla Raspberry! Everything went a little fuzzy after that because a gorgeous donut was set before me! The thought of crushed candy bars or fruity pebbles had completely left my mind. Mmmmm ~ I love anything vanilla raspberry!

My new friends, Shawn and Cecelia

My new friends, Shawn and Cecelia

I saw on the board that they offer iced coffee and house iced coffee. I was interested to know the difference, and Shawn explained that iced coffee was black and the customer could customize it. House iced coffee was the Anna Maria Donut version of milk and sugar coffee. I ordered the house iced coffee, and WoW. I have had iced coffee in every city and state I have ever visited and this was literally the best I have ever had! Absolutely the best! I was told the secret of their brew… I’ll let y’all ask Shawn himself, as I was so busy enjoying it that I forgot to ask how secret the secret was!

The "Oh Wow" Before

The “Oh Wow” Before

What makes my stop in even more special, is that Shawn and Cecelia are sponsoring an Artfest for kids ages 4-14 on Saturday. Call the shop for details, it looks like it will be a blast and parents get a coupon for a free donut. Win-Win! Art and donuts, never a bad idea. Cultivating an interest in handmade art for youngsters is a great mission! From one artist to another “Way To Go!”.

The "Oh Double Wow" After

The “Oh Double Wow” After

So, if you are hanging out on or near Anna Maria Island…. venture down Pine Avenue! I highly recommend Anna Maria Donuts! And get a cool tee, too. Tell ’em this Sweetheart sent you!!/home

Cool tee to take home!

Cool tee to take home!


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