A Pumpkin A DAY!


How sweet is this pumpkin creation?
Thank you to Good Housekeeping! What a great inspiration!

Happy October 1st! I’m excited for the holiday season! For me, it begins today, October 1.

My Autumn decorations are up and chilly weather dinners are planned. The leaves are rustling on the downtown sidewalks, and there are autumn lawn decorations beginning to pop up in the neighborhood. Hay bales, pumpkins, corn shocks and scarecrows… oh my!

It’s too early to actually carve pumpkins, but not at all too early to begin looking for inspiration. We take pumpkin decorating and carving very seriously around here. My parents’ sidewalk always has a row of carved pumpkins brightly lit up for the days before Halloween. They will have a pumpkin for their 4 children(two spouses), 15 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
All creatively designed and carved!

I’m looking forward to sharing a pumpkin inspiration picture every day in October until the day we carve ours! Enjoy!


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