Sweetheart Chicken (or not) Fried Rice

Ok. So here’s a quick easy recipe for fried rice. Truly. Couldn’t be easier, keeps well, feeds quite a few hungry bellies at a time.

As always… don’t stress, loves. Turn on some music while you’re cooking up some ricey love. Food is to be shared and enjoyed!

Chicken (or not) Fried Rice

Gather up the following:
Veggie oil
Chopped onion (I like thin slices for this)
Minced garlic
Frozen peas & carrots (do not thaw)
Chicken or not (cook & shred)
3 or 4 eggs, whisked
6-8 Cups of rice (make ahead up to a day, or not)
Soy sauce

Here we go. Get your skillet going with the oil, onions and garlic until the onions soften up. Several times “around the pan” or about 6 tbsp. oil. Add the peas and carrots to taste, about two cups. When they are thawed (maybe 3-4 minutes) add the shredded chicken if you wish, scoot all to one side of the skillet, then tip the pan to have the oil slide to the empty side. Pour the whisked eggs into the space you have created. Scramble the eggs, stirring constantly. Mix all. Add rice, until the balance of rice and veggies suit your fancy. Almost done! In goes the soy sauce. Start with about 6 tbsp, turn the heat down, mix it in well, flipping over rice mix by spatula-full. Add more soy sauce if you like, or let your guests add it to their own. It’s salty, so we let everyone add their own at the table. Enjoy!

*yes, organic non gmo is best
**yes, any rice that you have is ok in a pinch, leftover or freshly prepared (relax) it just needs to be cooked
***if you can’t find peas and carrots frozen together, frozen peas and canned carrots will work but not canned peas!
****you’re getting some protein in with the eggs just in case you forget to thaw the chicken like I did today. It’s all good!



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