So many special little things to SEE


There are so many little things to see and love and be thankful for. Every day.

I have always felt this way. My eyes and heart have always been full of the beauty of the gifts of a hummingbird’s glittering wing, a new bloom, a fragrant herb.

I am just recently understanding that there are only a few of us who feel this way. I thought everyone saw the sweetness of a bird feathering her nest, the different shades of blue in the sea, the shapes of the clouds in a clear blue sky.

I love. A lot. And see, really see, all the beautiful things and captured moments that are special. Every day. The sparkle in an old man’s eye, the firm grasp of a loving hand, the smile on a sleeping baby’s lips. What could be sweeter than a puppy’s fumbling gait, the shudder of a horse’s mane, a kitten’s contented purr?

I didn’t know that so many others don’t get a rush from a sudden summer storm, jumping off a playground swing, an impromptu race across the lawn.

That only a rare few stopped to feast on honeysuckle, love a warm tomato straight from the garden row, or sat still for a moment let a butterfly light on their hand.

I’ve been known to call the family from the dinner table to see the stunning sunset, a garden spider’s web, wake them up at midnight to see shooting stars go by, pile on top of each other in a fit of laughs over nothing more than being together. I’m an instigator of silly human tricks, serious filming of who can newly whistle or cross their eyes or blow a bubble. An encourager of snow angels and fishing casts and telling jokes.

There are so very many special things to see, and love. Every day. Just ask me… I’ll show them to you.


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