September. The seasons are beginning to change, summer is ending and autumn will soon begin. The children are back in school and college campuses are once again full of young adults. The air is different. Apple orchards are beginning to brim as corn fields are picked clean.

September, for me, has always been the month of the “in-between”. The lull. A measure of time of thirty days of in-between-ness.

The beginning of September includes a day of holiday. A long weekend to celebrate with family and friends. A bit of time to release our hold on summer, an extra day to put off preparing for the holiday season, the winter months…

September settles in and while there are seasonal chores to be done, even they are in-between. Indian Summer and intermittent chilly days keep closets and drawers full of clothes in an in-between jumble. Shorts and sweatshirts, boots and a sundress, sandals and jeans are all apropos here in a Kentucky September. It isn’t time yet to winterize the house, and not chilly enough to keep the windows open. It’s in-between.

The summer roses are September stubborn and hang on to their blooms. The oak leaf hydrangea blooms are still, waiting for the day the bush turns a deep burgundy. Mums are not quite ready to open fully. It is the stall before we fill the lawns and porches with pumpkins and hay bales and bittersweet vines.

September is the month before the last quarter of the year and the rush of holiday celebrations and busy-ness. A perfect space to breathe deep, center yourself, take long walks, daydream in the in-between.

I’m enjoying the rest of this beautiful September day in my backyard swing. It is sunny, the dogs will undoubtedly be by my feet sleeping, all of us lulled by the lovely breeze that teases of autumn… by September.


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