Perfect day for a simple SOUP


Today is a great day for a simple soup recipe. I have been busy doing… well, everything.

I have laundry spinning, Rit Dye projects drying, I’m waiting on workshop estimates, waiting on an important email, answering others, applying for writing jobs, I’m re-editing my first book review, checking my calendar, talking to my oldest son (his baby is due any day), encouraging my youngest son (he starts classes for his junior year in college today), I’ve tussled and lost with a “kind of” broken window shade that is now officially broken, looked into some classes and seminars, read thru contracts… normal day.

Perfect day for some get-up-and-go soup.

Chicken soup is magic. Cures what ails ya. Sometimes I don’t have time to make my Cures What Ails You soup, but I always have time for the following soup recipe.

This soup is packed full of protein, super greens and warm spices. It tastes good, feels good going down, and is good for you. Win-win-win-win.

My boys and I used to call it Garbage Soup. Why? Certainly not the taste! We called it that because it’s green. And they thought that name was cool. That’s all.

Simple Soup:
chicken broth
pepper flakes
spinach or kale

Add all except greens. Add greens about 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Make as much or as little as you have supplies for. I make a full pot and sip on it thru the week as a snack or meal.

You can’t mess it up… if you like pepper add a lot, if you don’t like garlic… don’t put it in (but it’s good for you). If you have don’t have an onion, dehydrated or onion powder will do until next time.

Simple Soup… it does a body good.

p.s. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone. But yes, organic, free range, no hormones, non-gmo, local and homemade EVERYTHING is best. And yes, you could add diced tomatoes or top with a bit of good quality cheese. Just do the best you can, loves. No worries. It’s Simple Soup… for busy days.


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