Just like my Momma DID


It’s funny how you notice little traditions as you go along. I heard my husband call to me from the kitchen, “Babe, where does this go?”. It was the oversized drinking glass I bought from Mr. B’s in Hoptown.

I excitedly told my husband that the glass is my new sewing glass!

It took me a minute to realize why my husband had a quizzical look on his face. After all, he was holding a drinking glass, sure to be filled with my favorite iced tea.

My mother is a master crafter, retired, just like her mother was. She always had a glass of iced tea at her project table.

Before I sit down to craft or write or embroider… I fill a glass. To the brim. Typically with iced tea. It’s always the first step in project prep. Always.

Just like my Momma did.


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