An interest in PINTEREST

Pinterest. The online Queen of Inspiring Ideas. Ideas only, for most, as my quick survey of pinner friends quickly pointed out. I have to admit I was surprised, and a bit relieved, that most pinners “pin”. Not “do”. Pinning is the hobby they have acquired, not project crafting. Interesting.

I was surprised, because most, if not all, Pinterest project boards are beautiful, filled with gorgeous projects. Holiday crafts and treats abound, full of darling kitchen nooks, luxury dog houses, plastic cars and playhouses repainted into superhero mobiles and dream cottages and, of course, those decadent recipes!

I was relieved, because maybe, just maybe, I had a chance to keep up. Pinning isn’t my hobby. It’s a great way for me to productively unwind. I actually do the projects I pin! Amusing, right? I love to see a project I have pinned turn out great as I follow the instructions (and insert my own creativity or craft skill or baking knowledge). I really love it when cleaning concoctions work well, and I really really love it if a paint color featured is as beautiful in real life, or an oh-so-easy project is actually “so easy”.

I’m looking forward to sharing my Pinterest projects with you. I can’t promise that every project will turn out exactly right, or that recipes won’t flop… but for me, that’s where some of the fun and adventure lie. I’ll post the pins and the links and all that good stuff, so you can get the instructions as written. And I’ll be authentic about how it turns out, or doesn’t, and my creative strays or shortcuts and whether they are a good idea (or not). Pinterest projects are a regular part of my actual sweetheart day… so I look forward to sharing with you.

Happy pinning!




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