The Shoemaker’s Wife Has SHOES

It has been a busy couple of weeks here in my workshop. And wonderfully, all projects have been for me, my family, friends and the new baby (who is to arrive in just 9 more weeks). The days of custom monogramming and working in my former retail shop hold a fond memory but it is really nice to work on things just for me. What was that story of the shoemaker’s wife having no shoes? This monogrammer needed monograms. And polkadots!

I have taken some time off “real” work to just be a wife and mother.  I’ve worked a bit part time, and volunteered quite a bit to keep busy, and toyed with the idea of buckling down to a 9-5. After a whirlwind year of a wedding, moving a couple of times, blending families, condensing two houses into one, four kids and two dogs… all I really needed to do was rest! The creative business bug has bitten again… so I am scouting surrounding area locations for a shop stand, and looking for internet outlets for the same, but am blissfully in no hurry at the moment.

I had some extra vinyl from a large project and here is a sample of what I did with it. A gift of a water can for my Mom quickly became a “one for you, one for me” project. My Mom’s water can is sweet sitting on a primitive shelf in her backyard. I added a teal and black leopard print ribbon to hers for some extra flash.

One for me! One for you!

One for me! One for you!

My water can sits on a table on my front porch, and is handy for watering the arrangements in the two porch urns. Handy plus cute… bonus!

Matches my outdoor cushions!

Matches my outdoor cushions!

I had a few extra polkadots that were practically bouncing out of the polkadot bin.  I dug through my extra letters to find a “W” and a cute little candle holder is now gracing the patio.

I also used the extra vinyl on my water jug. I put my monogram on a $5 Big Lots water jug that goes with me just about everywhere in the summer. Lime and black is a cool color combo. The monogram is a little big but you know the old saying “Go Big or Go Home”. I don’t really say that much, but in this case it is just fine.

My summer water jug

My summer water jug

I’ll post more quick and easy “scrap” projects. I have a lot of extra scraps and fat quarters of some darling fabrics. I’m dusting off the sewing machine! Sweet little baby boy fabric is already in a project bin just waiting to be made into something cute! Burlap and chevron stripe fabrics are in another bin, and some kelly green fabric will undoubtedly be used to support the girls’ high school spirit.

Have a great weekend, friends! Thanks for stopping by!


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