Project Sprinkle CAKE

I love to bake! I really love to bake. I saw a picture of a “sprinkle cake” and just had to make it. I’ve included the inspiration picture, as well as our version of it. We used what we had, and although it is not as tall as the inspiration cake, it sure did taste good.

Inspiration Cake

Inspiration Cake

The instructions are really simple. Make the cake the shape of your choice, the flavor of your choice. Frost the layers as you normally would. We chose a two layer round cake, strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting, and large round multi-colored sprinkles. After frosting, handful by handful, press the sprinkles all over it.

oursprinklecake (2)

Fair warning… there will be sprinkles everywhere. I don’t mind a kitchen mess when the final product tastes so good. We vacuumed the cake plate, the table, our laps, the floor, the dog… those sprinkle rolly little bits of goodness went everywhere!


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