Sassy Water in the FRIDGE

sassywater IMG_1919

Summer is here and it is HOT. Kentucky summers are also humid, double whammy.

Staying hydrated is good for your whole body. Water is good for you. Water is really good for you. That being said, I freely admit my love of Coke Zero.  If I had my money back for every time I have ordered a Steak ‘n Shake “large Coke Zero with extra vanilla, please” I would be on vacation right now. In the south of France. For a month.

Anyhoo… sassy water is the way I like to spike my water.  I’m not sure where the term sassy water came from but it fits. I found a recipe for it a few years ago and filed it away in my memory for when I get on a water kick. The most important ingredient is water. Truly. I love my Brita pitcher for filtered water. I was a Fiji Water girl simply because I like the taste of it the very best. I like my Brita pitcher water because I like the cost of it much better than Fiji, and it tastes good. Bonus.

There are many recipes for flavored water, detox water, sassy water, fruit infused water. Use the ingredients that you like the most, in combinations that you feel go well together. My neighbor has her fridge stocked with pretty waters, and used watermelon in one. I love watermelon so I’m sure that one was delicious! Mix it up, be bold, or google recipes. Whatever fits your lifestyle the best.

I have a lot of mint in my backyard. Sweet mint, spearmint and orange mint and plenty of it. I snipped some of each and started three sassy water jugs. I combined orange mint and pineapple, mint and cucumber, and spearmint on its own. There are health benefits to both mint and cucumber. The flavor is a bonus to the anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber and the tummy soothing properties of mint. I could have added lemon to the mint and cucumber water but I forgot to pick one up. I’ll do that next time.

I added an inspiration photo of some pretty waters that were on Pinterest a while back. It’s really up to you… add what you like. The ultimate goal is to drink more water daily. It is good for you. Water is really good for you >wink<.


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