House Hunting for a HOME

Our Outdoor Living Room

Our Outdoor Living Room

We have been in this house, our home, just shy of a year. The longest shortest year ever, but that is a different story for a different day. We began house hunting last year, and were both surprised, I think, at how easy it was to list pros and cons of each house together, to rule them “in” or “out”. We make a good team that way. We found a house that we loved, and really wanted it, and then sat down to discuss… What we discovered and decided, was mature and profound, in it’s own way. We ruled it “out”. We both wanted it… and yet, ruled it out.

What I have found, as I mature, is that if you make the right decision… wait for it… your heart will follow. Every time.

We “wanted” that other house in the materialistic sense. The house was on a great street in a great neighborhood, had an in-ground pool, mature landscaping, privacy fence, two closets in the room the girls would share, master bed off the main living area, large garage, sweet front porch perfect for a swing, etc.

What we wanted more, ultimately, was financial freedom, and more family time, so we kept looking. We found this house, and in one drive-by, a couple of visits and negotiations, it was ours.

Our house is our home. It is small when you compare it to us having four children, two darling bonus girls, two furbabies, and a grandchild on the way. It is small when you compare it to the other houses we have lived in. It is also perfect. It has been a perfect exercise in negotiating, in letting go of the unnecessary clutter that fills so many spaces, in learning to share.

This home has brought peace of mind. We can straighten and clean the entire house quickly. We know where everything is so there is no chaos or flurry of finding things. Every space is essential, and we fill it accordingly.

We are finding that while this house is small, it has been perfect for us, and is plenty big enough for our family dinners, visiting neighbors and company, and holiday get-togethers. The backyard, be still my heart, is an outdoor living room where we can spill over to. It is simply beautiful and a perennial gift from the previous owner, a gardener extraordinaire.

I am so thankful for the clarity of thinking, the want of family time over materialism, the financial freedom and want of peace of mind that led our choice. True to form, my heart has followed right along.


2 thoughts on “House Hunting for a HOME

  1. Good words for me today. My head and heart have been duking it out lately….you give me somwthing peaceful to ponder….thanks 🙂

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