Soapy Kitchen Concoctions for the LAUNDRY

detergentinhand detergentprep IMG_1961

Well, I must say, my house smells terrific!

I have been experimenting with recipes for homemade laundry detergent, fabric refreshers, dishwasher detergent, etc. My research in the cost savings was enough to warrant a few batches of soapy concoctions and a few loads of clothes and dishes.

I made my third batch of laundry detergent last week. The recipe makes a full five gallon bucket of detergent for just a few dollars. I still have supplies for another batch when this one runs out in a few months.  Each five gallon bucket is diluted by equal parts water and detergent to use, so you actually have 10 gallons of liquid good-smelling happiness for each bucket.

I added a scented oil called Fresh Linen to my first batch. It smells wonderful and mixed in perfectly. I haven’t scented the last two batches because I love my Downy fabric softener scent so much.

The recipe I will share was a success from the get-go. We were all a little anxious on Batch #1 back in November or December. We fretted a little over how to grate the soap and how long it would take to melt, what it should look like in each stage, and mostly fretted about if it would work or not. It did. It gelled up nicely, looked just like it was supposed to, and was a keeper recipe, thank goodness. I made the second batch on my own and didn’t add enough water because the bucket got heavy. Turned out fine, it was just a little more solid for stirring. We dilute it anyway, so I added less soap to the soap/water equation. No worries. I made this batch with help from Baby #4 who volunteered to grate the bar of Fels-Naptha, and from my husband, who volunteered to fill the bucket and stir. It was finished in no time and the kitchen smelled so clean and fresh. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Soapy Kitchen Concoctions for the LAUNDRY

  1. I have tried several different recipes for homemade laundry detergent. I like liquid better than powder and most of the homemade recipes are powdered. I like your idea to do a concentrated version and add water as you go. I recently did some trial and error and made one that you can do in the microwave. It is really concentrated and you only use a tablespoon per load. It is so much fun learning to make things that I have always just bought.

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